Agrilogic International Solutions is an innovated company who is motivated to venture into the sphere of commodities, we work in the international markets around the world. We source commodities for special groups of clients, we are committed and dedicated to meet their specific standards and specifications, and thru our due diligence process we select only End Sellers and Buyers who are transparent with a track record of completing transactions successfully.

Our dedicated team with their forward thinking and unwavering vision has one priority that binds us in a common purpose, we create customized solutions and facilitate direct connections to producer markets.

We connect producers (End Sellers) and Buyers of agricultural commodities, through processing markets, distribution capabilities and services. We operate on an integrated global basis to source, process, procure and transport commodities around the world. The main agriculture products we supply are barley, yellow corn, soybeans, wheat and meals for animal feed. We have developed significant expertise in handling, identification and differentiated products that sustain their distinctiveness in overseas markets.

Barley, Yellow Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Sugar and Meals for Animal Feed (150 Commodities)

Whole or Specified Cuts of Beef
Whole or Specified Cuts of Chicken

Other Services We Offer

We broker Crude Oil and Fuels for a special group of clients

We work closely with Governments to develop international projects that are mutually beneficial